Broadway Contracting is able to assist owners in preliminary design of their project.  From conception to handoff to Architects and Engineers, Broadway Contracting works with the owner on the design as well as preliminary budgets based on the current concept.  From horse barns to major farm complexes with multiple facilities, Broadway Contracting has assisted owners with making their dreams become a reality.

Cobb Quality Control Facility

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Completion Date: December 2010
Type of Construction: Design Build & Construction Management
Owner’s Representative: David Juenger
Architect: Ken Shireman & Associates, Garth Hudgins

The intention of this project was to design and build the finest in the world bio-secure quality assurance lab with secure guest viewing capability for Cobb’s world wide customers.  Broadway Contracting started the design process by touring multiple facilities including the newly finished Tyson QA lab.  After meeting with all parties on numerous occasions we developed a basic schematic design that we were then able to turn over to the architect for final design.  The CM portion was handled within the expected time frame with quality that far exceeded the owner’s expectations.  Cost was strictly maintained and the project was completed within the expected budget.